With regard to chaplains who have exercised priestly ministries (Holy Mass and Confessions) at the College chapel:

Mass Durer

1. Every chaplain has been a priest in good standing with faculties from his Ordinary.

2. Every chaplain has had the approval of his superior to offer Mass and hear Confessions in the College chapel.

3. Every chaplain was given permission to exercise his faculties for Mass and Confession at the College chapel by the Ordinary (or Administrator acting in his stead) of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth.

The priests who have offered a public Mass in the Extraordinary Form and heard Confessions at the College chapel since August 2010 are the following:

1. Fr. Simon Zayas, TOR
2. Fr. Juan Diego, CFR
3. Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB
4. Fr. Thomas Longua, FSSP
5. Fr. Philip Wolfe, FSSP
6. Fr. Joseph Orlowski, FSSP
7. Fr. Christopher Henderson, CFM

Of the priests listed above, those who lived in-residence and/or were approved for assignment by their superiors and given permission by the Diocese of Fort Worth to exercise their faculties as chaplains at Fisher More College (whether for temporary or permanent assignments) included:

Fr. Simon Zayas, TOR
Fr. Samuel Weber, OSB
Fr. Joseph Orlowski, FSSP
Fr. Christopher Henderson, CFM

The other three priests (i.e., Fr. Juan Diego, CFR, Fr. Longua, FSSP, and Fr. Wolfe, FSSP) are priests who made either occasional or regular weekly visits to the campus for the purpose of offering Mass and hearing Confessions in the College chapel. In other words, these three priests were not officially assigned as chaplains to the College (as was the case with the four priests listed above), but rather they either occasionally or regularly assisted in the functions of the College chaplaincy.  The College is grateful for, and deeply indebted to, all of these holy priests who served our students and staff.

In each case of the four priests listed above as temporary or permanent chaplains, the Fort Worth Diocese received written confirmation directly from their superiors confirming that the priests were in good standing and had the approval of the superior for the assignment. The College is confident that the Fort Worth chancery can confirm that the appropriate documentation was received for each of the priests listed above.

No public Mass of any Form has ever been offered in the College chapel by a priest lacking regular faculties. Over the past three years, the College has been privileged to host priests as overnight visitors to our campus, many of whom used the Chapel to offer private Masses, including priests from the Friars of the Immaculate, the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter.

Benedicamus Domino



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